Ransomware Gives Free Encryption Keys to Victims Who Infect Others (Threat Post)


Researchers say they have uncovered ransomware still under development that comes with a novel and nasty twist. Infected victims of the ransomware known as Popcorn Time, have the option to either pay up, or they can opt to infect two others using a referral link. If the two new ransomware targets pay the ransom, the original target receives a free key to unlock files on their PC.

“I have never seen anything like this in ransomware. This is definitely a first,” said Lawrence Abrams who runs and who was first to report on the Popcorn Time ransomware. Abrams examined the code Thursday after malware forensic experts at MalwareHunterTeam tweeted they had found the code on the Dark Web. The name Popcorn Time is not to be confused with the video content app that goes by the same name.