Cybersecurity Profession Has a Clear Career Path … Just Kidding (ITSP)


Do you know what your career path as a cybersecurity professional is? Have you ever really thought about that?  Most don’t, as was reported in a recent study jointly published by the Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) and the ISSA (Information Systems Security Association) earlier in November 2016. The study reported that over 65% of the 437 professionals surveyed stated that they do not have a clear career path.

When you talk to those who have been in the field for any length of time, you quickly discover that the progression in their career has been what some describe as “dumb luck.”   Most have fallen into the role of information security — or cyber security as most have come to know it — as a result of “something happening” in the environment, whether it was a breach, release of new regulations, or just being the only one in the office at the time something suspicious happens.

Our profession has been based on a reaction to what is going on in the environment. Think about how it was started, something broke into the computer network and fingers were pointed at members of the IT staff to go figure out what happened and to address the issue immediately.