What Could The Next Ransomware Note Say? Let’s Learn from 2016 (ITSP Magazine)


While ransomware threats are mostly an unknown entity to everyday consumers and Internet users, the widespread havoc these types of attacks have waged on healthcare organizations during 2016 started hitting a little too close to home. Consumers need to dispel the mindset of “that won’t happen to me” and make the connection that their information is being targeted – it’s just happening through a third party database, not their personal devices. Information can’t get more personal than health data, and the fact that this industry has been a constant target of ransomware attacks over the last twelve months demonstrates a pressing need to find a solution to these threats.

With several other security concerns plaguing the healthcare industry, such as insecure medical devices, we do not need ransomware attacks to create a future where individual patients are being targeted by hackers during an operation or stay at a healthcare organization. That’s an entirely new frontier we do not want to cross.