IPTV: Mass Piracy That’s Flying Largely Under The Radar (TorrentFreak)


Kodi and its third party ‘pirate’ addons have been getting an awful lot of press this year but there’s a hidden side to streaming that receives much less attention. Enter the world of black-market IPTV, streaming services that provide a TV, sports and movie experience that rival commercial offerings.

Anyone with a Kodi setup understands how it works. Download the software, install a bunch of third party addons, and enjoy TV shows, sports, movies and PPVs, all for free.

While millions have fun doing just that, even the leading experts in Kodi setups acknowledge that they are limited by the content being provided by third parties. Sometimes the quality is good and the service is reliable, but at the other extremes people can spend more time getting stuff to work than actually watching and relaxing.