Fortium CEO at European Content Protection Summit: Accidental Distribution Causes Leaks, Piracy (MESA Europe)


Fortium presented at the European Content Protection Summit in London on the Nov. 16, alongside other key speakers from the Entertainment industry such as ITV, BBC, MPA and Cisco. Hosted by MESA Europe and CDSA, the third annual MESA Europe Content Protection Summit focused on providing updates on current security risks facing content owners and distributors and well as the proactive measures that can be taken to minimise the risks.

Fortium CEO Mathew Gilliat-Smith said that more often than not reported leaks and instances of piracy start as accidental distribution during the pre-release stages. “All leaks have reputational and potentially expensive financial consequences for both the content owner and the supply chain partners involved. Encrypting files at-rest during the post-production stage means that content is only accessible to authorised parties and the risk factor is greatly reduced. MediaSeal by Fortium was created in collaboration with NBC Universal for these scenarios.”