Copyright Enforcement: Carrot vs. Stick Discussed at Content Protection Summit


The cost of protecting your intellectual property shouldn’t prevent you from doing so, but sometimes that can be the case. That leaves content owners in a bind sometimes: should companies be required to push consumers to legal goods and away from piracy, or is it the government’s job to install stronger measures and enforce copyright law?

Brett Danaher, assistant professor of economics and management science for Chapman University will discuss the economics behind both strategies Dec. 7 at the eighth annual CDSA Content Protection Summit at the Marina del Rey Marriott in Los Angeles, during his presentation “The Economics of Enforcement: Carrots, Sticks, and Social Benefit.”

His presentation will be followed by him joining Richard Atkinson, corporate senior director of Adobe’s global piracy conversion team, and chairman of the board for the Content Delivery & Security Association (CDSA), and Jane Sunderland, content protection strategist for Lionsgate, on the panel “Ending The Golden Age of Internet Theft: How to Monetize Piracy.”

The panel will explore the different, often creative ways companies have given content pirates incentive to pay for what they once would steal. Others, however, have decided the legal route makes more sense, going so far as to shut down internet access for those who steal. The trio of experts will tackle how the media and entertainment industry can learn from both strategies, and to look at what’s being done overseas to combat piracy. They’ll also look at how social media platforms can use fingerprinting technologies to redirect the consumer to legitimate content, and the threats presented by peer-to-peer networks.

“The open exchange of ideas that takes place every year at CDSA’s Content Protection Summit has contributed to a new collaborative culture of mutual support in Hollywood,” said Bryan Ellenburg, conference chairman and CDSA security consultant. “For majors and independents, from the set to the studio, new digital workflows and systems are offering tremendous creative opportunities, efficiencies – and security challenges – for those executives and business units charged with protecting IP from prying eyes and pirate profiteers.”

The 2016 CDSA Content Protection Summit is presented by MediaSilo, with sponsorships by Box, Deluxe, the Digital Watermarking Alliance, Fortium, Microsoft Azure, NexGuard and PricewaterhouseCoopers. For more information visit, and to become a sponsor contact, Garrett Randall, director of member services for the Media & Entertainment Services Alliance (MESA), at 310-882-9204, or [email protected]