Cybersecurity Workforce Problems? Look to Veterans (ITSP)


Your background makes you a powerful resource in an industry requiring diversity in its workforce – and the industry is finally catching on that it is to its own great benefit to recruit veterans, as evidenced by programs such as those promoted by DHS and Hire Our Heroes. In the military, your service protected America’s freedom and way of life. Though your duties and personal risk will differ in cybersecurity, your job description will remain the same. We have an immense and critical mission.

Cybersecurity is truly a national security issue at all levels, and as I say all the time, our army isn’t big enough. So much like that recruiter you talked to when you went in, I want to enlist you in our cyber army. Your nation needs you more now than even when I started. If you look at the scoreboard, we are losing, and I would like to see that change before I decide to hang up my fedora. Most of you will have a GI BILL to use when you get out, so why not use it to earn a degree in cybersecurity?