HBO Chief Security Officer to Keynote HITS N.Y.C.

HITS returns to New York City on Nov. 8 at the Microsoft Technology Center in Midtown Manhattan with a morning conference program from 9 a.m. to noon. This year’s HITS N.Y.C.sees media executives along with companies working in broadcast and advertising all in the same room, discussing innovations being made to advance interoperability in the supply chain for media and entertainment.

And a big part surrounding these new, interoperable networks is security. Addressing that crucial part will be Stephen Fridakis, chief information security officer for HBO. In his keynote presentation — “Inside the Box – Security’s Impact on Next-Generation Infrastructure” — he will look at how advances in security technology are changing workflows, global compliance and delivery demands throughout the enterprise, with M&E companies keeping up with the cloud and IT innovations by employing firewalls, SDNs and hyper-converged switching.

His keynote will be preceded by a host of supply-chain-centric discussions. Here’s a quick look at what attendees can expect:

• Scott Taylor, market development and strategy leader for Dun & Bradstreet Master Data, will kick things off with the keynote “Integrate or Dis-Integrate! – Why Interoperability is the Foundation of Your Data-Inspired Media Supply Chain.” He’ll share why he believes a company’s master data is the most important asset available to scale a business upward, and that without the adoption of standardized metadata among media, agencies and brands, we could be headed toward “digital global warming.”

• The first panel of the day — “Interoperability in Cross-Platform Advertising: Are the Silos Down?” — tackles dynamic ad insertion, one of the more interesting challenges facing media companies today, as they’re confronted with new interoperable systems, and the potential breaking-down of content silos. Harold Geller, chief growth officer for Ad-ID, Alanna Gombert, SVP of technology and ad operations for IAB Technology Lab, Chris Pizzurro, head of business development, sales and marketing for Canoe Ventures, and Gregory M. Smith, chief marketing officer for The TEAM Technologies, will be on hand.

• Bill Harvey, founder of Research Measurement Technologies, will share his ideas on how traditional media companies can maximize their audiences in this always-on streaming world, in the presentation “Data Interoperability and New Media.”

He’ll look at different data and optimization sources, and the role first-party data should play.

Produced by MESA, HITS N.Y.C. assembles companies and executives who are working with the most innovative advertisers and  broadcasters on building a new, interoperable network for maximum efficiencies and results.  Presented by Cast & Crew Entertainment Services, HITS N.Y.C. sponsors include GrayMeta, Teradata and TiVo. Join us on the morning of Nov. 8 where these experts will help explain the technology underpinnings of the media and entertainment supply chain of tomorrow.