Companies Should Understand Where Cybercrime Thrives (Harvard Business Review)


As global cybercrime increases, governments and businesses are struggling to keep up with the threats they are facing. Because of the changing and innovative methods of attack being used against them, it is of the utmost importance that they constantly refine their knowledge of the particular enemies they face.

Both Brazil and Russia lose billions of dollars to cybercrime each year, and their home-grown criminals supply Trojans and other types of malware (malicious computer programs), stolen e-mail accounts and passwords, and other private information to criminal clients around the world. According to a report by Kaspersky Labs, Brazil was ranked the most dangerous country for financial attacks in 2014, and the Brazilian ChePro Trojans were ranked the second-most-widespread malicious program after ZeuS. Both of these Trojans target system information, online credentials, and banking details. These are also customizable tools that can gather any sort of information the thief wishes.