What About the Security of the Security Products? (NSS Labs)


The fact that there are large numbers of vulnerabilities and exploits in major operating systems and large applications is no longer something known only by those in the security industry—as seen with the recent Shadow Brokers leak. Additionally, with market for applications and operating systems in the US$ billions, it should come as no surprise that threat actors are investing significant resources to take advantage of their vulnerabilities.

Thank goodness we have security products to protect us.

Yeah, right. We all know that it’s not the 98% you catch, but the 2% you miss that truly matters; and now—thanks to work by independent labs and researchers, we’ve learned that many of the security products installed to protect these operating systems and applications are prone to the same issues as the systems they’re supposed to protect. Take a look at Tavis Ormandy’s work through Project Zero on endpoint security products from KasperskyESETFireEye, and Trend Micro, for example. Ironic as this may be, his demonstration of security flaws within these products is not that surprising when you consider that the common denominator for all software development is people.