Channeling Security — CenturyLink’s Mahon: ‘Don’t Buy Another Thing’ (Channel Partners)


CenturyLink CSO David Mahon has good news and bad news for channel execs, many of whom will spend time over the next few months deciding where to invest to meet customers’ cybersecurity needs for 2017.

The upside is that there’s a lot of work to be done. And, you might not need a lot of new tools because, Mahon says, next year will look pretty much like last year. DDoS and ransomware are still working, and the bad guys are sophisticated but lazy.

The bad news?

“We’re seeing more destructive breaches,” Mahon told me. Attacks are being launched not to stealthily steal personally identifiable information, but instead to destroy the target or corrupt its data. In some settings, like health care, that could be a life-threatening event.