NSS Labs Publishes Data Center Intrusion Prevention System Test (NSS Labs)


NSS Labs has released its Data Center Intrusion Prevention System (DCIPS) Security Value Map (SVM) and Comparative Report series, evaluating the six leading DCIPS solutions for security effectiveness, performance, and total cost of ownership (TCO).

This is the first year NSS conducted research into ‘street prices,’ capturing vendor discounts in competitive bid situations. Solution discounts ranged from 6% to 60%, while hardware-only discounts ranged from 6% to 65%.

Performance, security, and stability are extremely important for any device in the datacenter. From a business perspective, a compromise in a data center can lead to substantial monetary and intellectual property losses. A DCIPS is designed to be highly tunable to ensure high security, performance and availability are achieved. A DCIPS failure can severely impact the performance and security of a datacenter.