How to Fill 4.5 Million Cybersecurity Positions (Venture Beat)


How do you fill 4.5 million cybersecurity jobs – the number that the IT industry will need to protect itself by the end of the decade? If you’re an IT giant like Cisco, you set aside $10 million to fund a training program for qualified candidates that provides courses, mentoring, and certification in Cyber-Ops, equipping them with the skills needed to defend the business.

CEOs across the globe were telling Cisco that their ability to innovate was hampered by their security concerns in the digital world, according to Cisco Services VP Jeanne Beliveau-Dunn. Cisco’s program, said Beliveau-Dunn, is just a start to addressing the current talent shortage.

That’s great if, like Cisco, you have $10 million to spend on training people. Unfortunately, not all of us are that lucky. The competition for qualified workers is already out of hand, with average salaries topping $150,000 for new hires.