Now Ransomware Locks Smart TVs (Bank Info Security)


First the hackers came for our credit cards. Now they’re taking control of our TVs.

Security researchers have spotted an updated strain of ransomware that’s designed to infect and lock Android devices, including mobile phones, tablets as well as smart TVs (see Why ‘Smart’ Devices May Not Be Secure).

“Attackers are robbing from Android to pay for Apple.”
The malware is known as FLocker – short for “frantic locker” – and first appeared in May 2015, Trend Micro security researcher Echo Duan says in a blog post. “The latest variant of FLocker is a police Trojan that pretends to be ‘U.S. Cyber Police’ or another law enforcement agency, and it accuses potential victims of crimes they didn’t commit. It then demands $200 worth of iTunes gift cards.”