‘Gloria’ Director Recalls Piracy Nightmare (CreativeFuture)


Piracy is a problem the same way that theft is a problem. Millions of people put food on the table by making what you watch on TV or in the theatre – and stealing that content robs them of their ability to continue to do their jobs. I am one of those people, but so are my actors, producers, editors, sound designers, composers, make-up artists, lighting technicians, camera operators, carpenters, designers, costumers, set designers, VFX artists, production coordinators, and others. We all deserve to have our labor recognized and validated and protected from theft.

Creatives need to stand together and tell our detractors that stealing our content is not only illegal, but it is also just wrong. People, like me and my crew, work hard to make ideas a reality and to bring emotion to the viewing public. It’s time that creatives take a stand and tell pirates that we will not be quiet any longer. We must, for our own livelihoods and the sustainability of our chosen careers, put an end to piracy. I ask that you stand with us in the face of this threat and make the future of creativity a certainty.