Researchers Uncover Affiliate Network for Ransomware (ThreatPost)


Ransomware as a business is maturing and nowhere is that better illustrated than in Russia, according to Flashpoint researchers. The security firm released two reports on Thursday, one on a burgeoning ransomware-as-a-service business model in Russia and the second on new developments in Russian ransomware kingpins targeting hospitals.

Researchers conclude, the ransomware industry is getting more brazen, coordinated and surprisingly is struggling with issues of ethics. Both reports unearth some interesting tidbits of the Russian ransomware business such as the average yearly income for a ransomware crime boss in Russia is $90,000.

Flashpoint discovered, in the case of ransomware-as-a-service, the market is quickly evolving to where seasoned ransomware criminals are now actively seeking new recruits in hopes of rapidly growing their business.