The Cyber Security Industry’s Big Blind Spot (Bank Info Security)


Today’s threat actors are more focused, funded and disruptive than ever. But the cybersecurity defense industry is not built to respond appropriately, says thought leader Tom Kellermann. What are security leaders overlooking?

In his new role as CEO of Strategic Cyber Ventures, a cybersecurity technologies investment firm, Kellermann sees lots of new ideas. But too many of them are variations of the same theme: They are focused on developing specific tactical solutions that address only temporary problems that ultimately will morph. There is a systemic, industrywide lack of long-term vision, Kellermann says in this video interview with Information Security Media Group.

“The major cybersecurity vendors are laser-focused on maintaining their brand, their image and their cultural persona,” Kellermann says. “With the exception of a few cases, that has become their albatross. Their lack of capacity to morph with the problem … has been problematic.”