Mistrust Between Private, Public Sectors a Bottleneck to Combating Cyber Crime: Experts (New Times)


The rising incidents of cybercrime could be easily checked if the private and public sectors learnt to trust each other and share relevant information regarding combating the vice, experts have said.

The call was made, on Wednesday, at the World Economic Forum on Africa, which closed yesterday in Kigali.

Participants at the forum heard that cybercrime costs the global economy about $445 million annually, with security experts at WEF warning that cybercrime is Africa’s ‘next big threat’, hence calling on leaders from public and private sectors and law enforcement agencies to share insights on how to tackle the vice.

Jean-Luc Vez, the head of public security policy and security affairs and a member of the WEF executive committee, said trust between public and private sectors was needed to combat “rising sabotage” to world’s economic development path.