5 Reasons Enterprises Still Worry About Cloud Security (Dark Reading)


The notion that the cloud is less secure than traditional networks and infrastructure is still a fear for many despite a recent survey that found that 55% of respondents had not experienced a cloud-related security incident in the last 12 months (survey was conducted from March – April 2016).

The survey, which gathered responses from 2,200 professionals from the Information Security Community on LinkedIn, also found that over half (52%) of respondents believe that cloud apps are as secure or more secure than on-premises applications.

That still leaves a big gap in cloud security confidence and the issue couldn’t be more top of mind in today’s enterprise IT environment. According to the study, one of the major barriers to cloud adoption is the fear of data loss and leakage (49%). It’s not surprising that this is a deterrent; the news is littered with data breaches and those are just the ones being reported, says Holger Schulze, founder of the LinkedIn community and author of the Cloud Security 2016 Spotlight Report.