Changing Consumer-Technology Interactions: The Rise Of Cyber Security, Data Privacy (Forbes)


As high-profile data breaches become more frequent — think Target, Ashley Madison and even Anthem (the second-largest health insurer in the U.S.) — consumers are starting to care about how their data is being protected.

So how is this changing the way consumers interact with technology? A group of technology executives from Forbes Technology Council weigh in on how the growing concerns surrounding data privacy are affecting consumer-technology interactions.

1. People Will Have Cybersecurity Anxiety

With recent hacks and breaches, more consumers know their private data is at risk. Cybersecurity anxiety is the new normal for our time. As we get more connected, new services change the way we interact and afford more opportunity for outsiders to exploit holes for profit. Moving forward, tight security will require a blend of hardware- and software-level protections with robust data encryption. – Mark Papermaster, Advanced Micro Devices