Law Enforcement, Government Agencies See Phishing as Main Cyber Risk (Softpedia)


The Global Cyber Alliance (GCA) was founded at the start of January this year, and on March 19 held its first Strategic Advisory Committee (SAC) meeting.

Here, founding members that included representatives from the City of London Police, The New York County District Attorney’s Office and the Center for Internet Security agreed on a list of today’s top cyber risks, in order to develop joint strategies to counter their effects.

Phishing ranked top cyber threat, DDoS attacks ranked fourth
Based on their expertise, these three organizations ranked phishing attacks as today’s greatest cyber threat, followed in order by risks arising from weak identity and authentication mechanisms, risks arising from vulnerable and compromised websites, and Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks.

Personally, we see vulnerable and compromised websites as a more dangerous threat, but we must also agree to disagree.