DDoS Attacks: Know Your Enemy (Information Security)


Distributed-denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks are more frequent today than they’ve ever been, according to the latest report by Verisign. In the final quarter of 2015, DDoS attacks globally rose by 85% compared with the previous year – and 15% on the previous quarter alone. Not only that – they’re also getting more dangerous, deploying higher volumes of packets than ever before.

DDoS attacks aren’t just an annoyance; they can be extremely damaging. Offline websites and networks are non-trading websites and non-operating networks, which can lead to substantial revenue losses. And they’re a more insidious form of cyberattack than you might think; research by Kaspersky has suggested that around a third of all DDoS attacks coincide with a network intrusion, which can lead to loss of sensitive data.