MediaSilo Releases Instant Visual Watermarking Solution

Video sharing platform company MediaSilo has debuted a first-ever, on-demand, real-time watermarking service — dubbed SafeStream — that allows content producers to add their own custom watermarks as they go.

SafeStream’s watermarking features allow users to add anything from emails to IP addresses to subscriber IDs, tying user-identifiable info as a visual watermark into video files, in real-time.

“By adding user-specific information into a stream, you introduce accountability into the supply chain. Whether cuts are sent for legal review, for dubbing, or executive viewing, each copy is unique and can be traced back to a specific user. This keeps honest people honest and prevents unauthorized sharing of content,” said Kai Pradel, CEO and founder of MediaSilo.

SafeStream won’t require proprietary player software, making it an out-of-the-box solution for mobile devices and browsers, and MediaSilo is making it available as a standalone service, or as part of its collaboration and media management platform. The instant watermarking feature works in seconds for any size video clip, the company said. SafeStream has been in the works for two years, and will be on display at this month’s NAB Show (booth SL9416).

“Whether we want to distribute screeners to a select few or thousands, MediaSilo makes it possible for us to have screeners available at a moment’s notice,” said Ryan Snowden, manager of originals operations at Hulu. “And, now we can feel even more confident with an extra level of security provided through SafeStream.”

Rod Carter, SVP of global operations and supply chain at ITV Studios Global Entertainment, added: “We’re looking forward to incorporating SafeStream into our process for previewing pre-release content to potential licensees. Visual, on-demand watermarking satisfies the rigorous standards of our content distribution team and will further reassure our many producers that their content has additional visual deterrents, while remaining incredibly easy for our sales team to use in multiple environments.”