Peter Wallace, APCP Worldwide Director

April 8, 2010 · Posted in who 

Peter Wallace is a Director of consultancy company Portcullis Consultants Ltd., based in the UK, where he is responsible for the running of the business and coordinating introduction of worldwide security guidelines and anti-piracy investigations on behalf of the media industry. Now fully engaged with the running of the CDSA security and APCP Programs worldwide he uses his experience and contacts to develop these areas.

Previously he was Senior Vice-President for Security & Compliance with Deluxe Global Media and Disctronics where he had world-wide responsibility for security and anti-piracy compliance. It was during this time that he started his long association with CDSA (then IRMA) and became well known for his expertise in the anti-piracy field. His experience had been gained as the Western European Anti-Piracy Co-ordinator for IFPI (International Federation Of The Phonographic Industry) where he managed international piracy investigations and prior to that as a Consultant to major record labels where he advised on security around the world and provided expertise in the protection of content throughout the supply chain.

Formerly a career Detective within the UK Police Force, Peter had been responsible for leading investigations into such offences as major fraud, murder, armed robbery and rape. He subsequently used this knowledge to good effect during his very successful transition from public to private sector.

To contact Peter Wallace email:
Or call him at (U.K.) +44 (0) 7850 331033


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