Music Recording Studio Security

About this Program

This program has been jointly developed by operational and technical specialists within the recording industry. The objective of the Music Recording Studio Security Program (MRSSP) Assessment is to establish a set of effective security controls that can measure how a Recording Studio or individual involved in the recording studio process will secure and protect physical and digital media assets. In order to mitigate the risk and reduce the impact of copyright infringement as a result of leaked content, focus has been placed on the access to and handling of physical and logical media assets.

According to the nature of operations a successful assessment against the relevant requirements will result in a site and/or an individual achieving approved site or provider status.

The programs objectives are to identify, assess, manage and minimize risks to an acceptable level, thereby ensuring the continued integrity of intellectual property, confidentiality and media asset security.

The identified objectives provide the basis on which to define the auditable requirements for approved Site and/or service provider status.

The Assessment Process

On receipt of an application to join the program a CDSA auditor will be assigned and will contact the applicant to set a timeframe for the assessment and assist with preparation.

A one-day visit to the site or applicants place of work will take place followed by the submission of a detailed report.

 A further assessment can be undertaken every 12 months thereafter in order to maintain approved site or service provider status.

A qualified CDSA auditor with relevant industry experience will carry out the audit.

The applicant receives approved status if:

  • There are zero non-compliances, or
  • One or more non-systemic (minor) non-compliances need to be addressed by an agreed corrective action plan and no significant threat to client media assets is identified.

An applicant will fail to achieve approved status where one or more major or systemic non-compliances are observed. Approved status can be awarded once major non-compliances have been adequately addressed, re-evaluated and accepted by CDSA.

Please contact Peter Wallace to apply for the Music Recording Studio Security Program.

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