Peter Wallace Named Worldwide Director, CDSA Anti-Piracy Compliance Programs

January 23, 2012 · Posted in Latest News 

Security industry veteran to focus on expanding content protection initiatives in U.S. and aligning the program with other leading security audit standards

Long-time entertainment security expert Peter Wallace has been named Worldwide Director of Anti-Piracy for the Content Delivery & Security Association (CDSA)’s security auditing programs. Wallace, who has built the program to over 70 participating sites in Europe, will turn his focus to expanding the participation of entertainment supply chain partners in the U.S. and Asia as part of his expanded association role.

“Peter was the chief architect of the association’s Content Protection Standard (CPS) and he has been hugely successful in gaining the trust and support of key entertainment supply chain executives throughout the EMEA region,” says CDSA Executive Director Martin Porter. “Under his leadership we will now begin to align our program worldwide as well as with other leading security standards.”

Wallace replaces Linda Dyson who has retired after serving the industry for over 15 years as a lead copyright and licensing auditor and respected industry spokesperson and association representative.

In his 25-year career as an entertainment security expert, Wallace has served as Senior Vice-President for Security & Compliance with Deluxe Global Media and Disctronics, where he held worldwide responsibility for security and anti-piracy compliance. It was during this time that he started his long association with CDSA (then IRMA) and became well known for his expertise in the anti-piracy field.

“Content holders are ‘asking for (a site’s) CDSA audit ‘ more and more,” Wallace relates, “and CDSA accredited sites have undergone, and paid for, an intensive digital and physical audit of their site’s security and copyright policies procedures, making them one of the industry’s most elite supply chain partners. We encourage content holders to ask for a CDSA audit statement when selecting a vendor to handle their company’s most precious asset – their content.” Wallace adds, “With my appointment I will assure that CDSA’s own standard will keep pace with the rapid changes in our industry and its technology processes together with a worldwide consistency in approach. We will also begin expanding our offerings to include integration of CDSA’s new, cloud-based security management tool.”

Wallace has a law enforcement background and served as Western European Anti-Piracy Coordinator for IFPI (International Federation Of The Phonographic Industry) where he managed international piracy investigations; prior to that he served as a consultant to major record labels where he advised on security around the world and provided expertise in the protection of content throughout the supply chain.

To contact Peter Wallace email:
Or call him at (U.K.) +44 (0) 7850 331033 or at (USA) +1 323 804 6386


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