James Dunkelberger of Microsoft Named Chairman of CDSA

February 22, 2012 · Posted in Latest News 

Security Executive Cites the Roll-out of Media & Entertainment Industry Trusted Partner Network as Association Priority in Coming Years

REDMOND, WA — James Dunkelberger, General Manager of Product Release & Security Services at Microsoft, was named Chairman of the Content Delivery & Security Association (CDSA), the 40-year old nonprofit content protection association.

At Microsoft, Dunkelberger’s worldwide Product Release & Security Services team is responsible for many aspects of Microsoft’s IP protection strategy. He has worked at Microsoft for the last 15 years, holding management roles in Operations Management, IT, and Product Development.  For the last seven years, he has been responsible for protection of IP both internal to the company and in the supply chain, anti-counterfeiting technologies and strategies, product quality controls, and product activation investigations/enforcement.

Dunkelberger accepts the CDSA Chairmanship from Spencer Mott, CISO of Electronic Arts, who now assumes the role of Chairman Emeritus/Vice President of the Association.

“With its auditing program and risk management solution effectively being adopted throughout the industry, the CDSA will now focus on establishing a single information platform so that its membership can gain the widest and most transparent overview of the state of security throughout our industry’s supply chain.  By closely aligning our individual programs, sharing best practices and current focus areas on a membership-wide basis, we will be establishing a Trusted Partner Network for media & entertainment,” said Dunkelberger

A former Senior Consultant at Accenture, Dunkelberger holds a degree in Management Information Systems from Washington State University College of Business and Economics.

About CDSA

CDSA – Content Delivery and Security Association (formerly IRMA) — is the international content protection association, advocating the secure and responsible delivery and storage of entertainment, software and information content. Founded in 1970 at the beginning of the audiocassette industry, the association has worked on behalf of its member companies through the home video revolution and into today’s digital delivery era. CDSA has assisted content holders and their supply chain partners to maintain the most responsible practices and policies for secure handling of intellectual property for home video, music, video games and business software. For more information visit: www.cdsaonline.org.


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