CLV Overview

CDSA Copyright & Licensing Verification Certified Sites Fight Piracy to Protect:

  • Customers’ Intellectual Property Rights
  • Customers from their ignorance of copyright laws
  • Optical media manufacturers and their investment
  • The economic livelihood and viability of the industry

CDSA Copyright & Licensing Verification Certification Pays Off For Content-Owners

Protection for Music, Films, Games, Software:

  • CLV Certified sites verify all orders are legitimate
  • CLV Certified sites refuse questionable and illegal orders
  • CDSA issues Anti-Piracy Alerts and warnings to other plants

CDSA Copyright & Licensing Verification Certified Sites Work With Customers to Protect Copyrighted Material

  • A key element in the CLV Program is the partnership between the manufacturer and the content owner – customer to safeguard intellectual property
  • CLV Certified sites require documentation or other substantiated verification of the authority to manufacture intellectual property; the extra effort pays off . . . for everyone except pirates
  • Content ownership is identified and verified by the CLV Certified site prior to manufacture
  • Assumptions that the content is in Public Domain are verified
  • CLV Certified sites help to educate customers about copyright, public domain and other licensing issues
  • Working together with the customer, CLV Certified sites protect copyrighted materials

CDSA Anti-Piracy Program Pays Off For CLV Certified Plants

CDSA APCP Protection for Manufacturers:

  • CLV Certification/Compliance Program gives them a Market Advantage
  • CDSA supports anti-piracy and content protection – program participants collaborate through broad-base industry awareness and customer outreach programs, with tools for tracing content ownership, and with marketing and promotion initiatives
  • Synergism develops with other CLV Certified sites though regional workshops, conferences, and information exchanges

CDSA’s Copyright & Licensing Verification Program Helps Protect Media Manufacturing Plants’ Assets and Reputation

  • Reinforces the site’s reputation as a leading Media Manufacturer
  • Gains added visibility for the site’s dedication to fighting piracy
  • Provides a basis for strong value-added service to customers
  • Strengthens the Anti-Piracy bond between the site and Content Owner groups (IFPI, MPA, BSA, BPI, RIAA, etc.)
  • Adds a powerful manufacturing tool to the site’s arsenal of other Anti-Piracy measures – Security, Personnel Training, Customer Service
  • Protects the company’s assets and investment

Why Content Owners’ Support and Use Plants Enrolled in CDSA Copyright & Licensing Verification Program

  • Companies volunteer to participate in the CLV program to demonstrate their commitment to protecting customers’ intellectual property
  • Content Owners appreciate the value-added service which reflects the certified site’s dedication to quality and service
  • Content Owners have a higher level of confidence their intellectual property is safeguarded during manufacturing
  • Content Owners often question why other plants are not in the CLV certification program yet
  • Content Owners increasingly insist their projects be produced in CLV certified sites

Some of the International Organizations Supporting the CDSA Anti-Piracy Compliance Program