Committees and Councils

Working Group #1: The Evolving Content Supply-Chain

The focus and intent of this working group is to look at various business, technology, and content-protection solutions and – through a process of open discussion and consideration – develop several scenarios for how these aspects relate and possible futures: both from a consumer/business and a content-threat.  As a part of this effort, there will be a series and sessions and focus on “de-mystifying” some of the more technical aspects, and produce whitepapers that walk a low-tech business person through key considerations.

Working Group #2:  Content-Security & Risk Management

The focus and intent of this working group is to share “best-practices” from all aspects of Supply-Chain Security and Risk-Management (internal to their companies and to the broader external supply-chains), in order to improve overall effectiveness and efficiency across the broad industry and ever-expanding ecosystem.  Also includes a focus on improving and enhancing the “communication” of threats and other types of information that can improve the awareness and focus on threat prioritization.  As  a part of this effort, participants will share their approaches and effectiveness to the broader group in an open forum where a set of “best-practices” can be derived to be used as a set of baseline references by members in their own operations.

Working Group #3:  Market Intelligence

The focus and intent of this working group is on leveraging and sharing more of what is known in the area of “market intelligence” around piracy and consumer experience/attitudes/motivations…and it’s implications for market directions.  It is hoped aspects of various industry research can be shared in various forms as much as possible, where the working group can learn from the approaches and results.  As a part of this effort, it is hoped commonalities across aspects of Entertainment can be identified, and insights found that can be leveraged across the participant business areas.

Working Group #4:  Internal Management

The focus and intent of this working group is on sharing ideas and best-practices around how to better manage the “internal” aspects of a “Anti-Piracy/Content-Protection/Security” team within a larger company entity.  Key focus will be on internal communications, metrics, ways to be more effective depending on the internal management orientation and culture.

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