CDSA Value Proposition

The Content Delivery and Security Association (CDSA) is the worldwide forum advocating the innovative and responsible delivery and storage of entertainment, software, and information content.

Content Security Through CDSA Certification

The cornerstone of the CDSA membership are its industry-acclaimed and market proven content protection standards.  These include:

Anti-Piracy & Compliance Programs (APCP)

More than 100 media creation, manufacturing, and distribution facilities worldwide participate in CDSA’s Anti-Piracy & Compliance Programs, which are supported and endorsed by the intellectual property community, its supply chain partners and government enforcement agencies. Program standards are designed to provide content supply chain security at each site through comprehensive security risk management assessments and ongoing audits by experienced and independent ISO-accredited auditors.

  • Content Protection & Security – Developed for risk assessment and management of physical parameters, electronic systems and environments at virtually all supply chain sites; an 18-month process that results in CDSA CPS accreditation.  Also acts as a value-added adjunct to the existing Copyright and Licensing Verification certification for media manufacturers.
  • Copyright & Licensing Verification – Developed at the request of content owners and media manufacturers to standardize and verify processes used to prevent piracy through unauthorized manufacturing and distribution.
  • Content Security Risk Assessment — Independent spot audit of service provider risk and security precautions; designed for a rapid-response evaluation of vendor readiness; results are only shared with site and their authorizing parties and does not result in CPS accreditation.

Packaging & Materials Accreditation and Standards

CDSA uses independent testing laboratories to certify plastic DVD boxes as being free of hazardous materials. Program participants receive public acknowledgement of their Compliance. This assures storage and delivery providers of safety at all points in the supply chain, including product disposal.

  • Initial certification lasts 12 months,
  • Program continuation lasts 12 months.

To learn more and take advantage of CDSA’s standard and certificate programs, visit:

Content Security Work Groups

All CDSA members can become active participants in one of four Content Security Work Groups that address individual industry issues and develop collaborative solutions. These groups include:

The Evolving Content Supply-Chain

The focus and intent of this working group is to look at various business, technology, and content-protection solutions and – through a process of open discussion and consideration – develop several scenarios for how these aspects relate and possible futures: both from a consumer/business and a content-threat.  As a part of this effort, there will be a series and sessions and focus on “de-mystifying” some of the more technical aspects, and produce whitepapers that walk a low-tech business person through key considerations.

Content-Security & Risk Management

The focus and intent of this working group is to share “best-practices” from all aspects of Supply-Chain Security and Risk-Management (internal to their companies and to the broader external supply-chains), in order to improve overall effectiveness and efficiency across the broad industry and ever-expanding ecosystem.  Also includes a focus on improving and enhancing the “communication” of threats and other types of information that can improve the awareness and focus on threat prioritization.  As  a part of this effort, participants will share their approaches and effectiveness to the broader group in an open forum where a set of “best-practices” can be derived to be used as a set of baseline references by members in their own operations.

Market Intelligence

The focus and intent of this working group is on leveraging and sharing more of what is known in the area of “market intelligence” around piracy and consumer experience/attitudes/motivations…and it’s implications for market directions.  It is hoped aspects of various industry research can be shared in various forms as much as possible, where the working group can learn from the approaches and results.  As a part of this effort, it is hoped commonalities across aspects of Entertainment can be identified, and insights found that can be leveraged across the participant business areas.

Internal Management

The focus and intent of this working group is on sharing ideas and best-practices around how to better manage the “internal” aspects of a “Anti-Piracy/Content-Protection/Security” team within a larger company entity.  Key focus will be on internal communications, metrics, ways to be more effective depending on the internal management orientation and culture.

Networking & Events

CDSA Content Protection Summit – The most important event of the year for M&E professionals involved in content protection, anti-piracy and risk management for film, video, television, games and music.  Chaired by former Disney security czar, Richard Atkinson.

CDSA Membership Meetings – Join your executive colleagues from across industry sectors in focused discussions on major challenges facing our industry. CDSA joins the overall general sessions and workshops at all MESA meetings worldwide, and also co-locates its own executive members-only sessions on issues of prime importance at these popular industry gatherings.

Information & Ideas

CDSA Online Member Directory – One of the most important international resources for entertainment supply chain services, the website highlights a directory of industry leaders who support CDSA and its activities.

Content Protection Whitepaper Series — All CDSA members receive an exclusive subscription to a quarterly series of white papers on content security, protection and anti-piracy produced by FutureSource Consulting.

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